Streaming Japanese movies #3: House and Whispering Star

Each week members of the CAMERA JAPAN team pick their favourite Japanese films to watch at home on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, MUBI and YouTube. Francesca BOI (Programmer) picks House/Hausu (ÔBAYASHI Nobuhiko, 1977) As ÔBAYASHI Nobuhiko passed away a few days ago (on April 10), I would like to pay homage to this […]

One Cut of the Dead

Streaming Japanese movies #2: One Cut of the Dead and Mt. Head

Each week members of the CAMERA JAPAN team pick their favourite Japanese films to watch at home on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, MUBI and YouTube. Nancy FORNOVILLE (Financial Director) picks Mt. Head (YAMAMURA Koji, 2002) Mt. Head is a hand drawn animated short that tells the story of a stingy man who eats […]

The Audience Award Goes to Fly Me to the Saitama

We wrapped up the fourteenth edition of the CAMERA JAPAN Festival in Amsterdam last night. Today we have the pleasure of announcing the winner of the 2019 Audience Award. After counting all the votes in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Fly Me to the Saitama stays at the top of the rankings ahead of Sending Off, a […]

Youth Jury Award to Melancholic by TANAKA Seiji

For the first time in its history, CAMERA JAPAN Festival invited seven young film lovers to form a Youth Jury. After watching six films in four days, all made by directors under the age of 35, the jury awarded their prize to Melancholic by TANAKA Seiji. Melancholic revolves around a university graduate who lands himself […]

Fly Me to the Saitama soars in the Audience Award ranking!

After four full days of screenings at Rotterdam, the audience favorite is Fly Me to the Saitama from director TAKEUCHI Hideki. Packed with humour and plenty of action, the film is a satirical fable about the class war between Tokyo and Saitama (the metropolis vs. the sticks). So far, the top ten films in the […]

Call for Volunteers

Do you like film, have a thing for festivals, or Japanese culture? Are you looking to gain work experience or extend your network? Then join our team as a volunteer for CAMERA JAPAN from 3-6 October at Filmtheater Kriterion in Amsterdam! Knowledge of Dutch is not required (though can be handy). We are looking for: […]

CAMERA JAPAN 2016 - Directors KAWAI Ken, SUGITA Masakazu, and MIMA Akihiro enjoying the cat sofa.

Help us bring Japanese directors to Rotterdam!

As you probably know, CAMERA JAPAN is a non-profit festival organised by a team of dedicated volunteers. Like so many other cultural organisations, we depend on subsidies to bring a bit of Japan to the Netherlands. Fortunately, we have good financial support from Rotterdam Festivals, the Nederlands Filmfonds, the Isaac Alfred Ailion Foundation, and the […]

Young Japanese male in traditional dress with umbrella.

Gezocht: filmliefhebbers voor de jongerenjury

Voor de 14de editie van het CAMERA JAPAN festival, dat van 26 tot en met 29 september in LantarenVenster (Rotterdam) gehouden wordt, organiseren we voor het eerst een jongerenjury. Ben je tussen de 16 en 25 jaar? Ben je fan van (Japanse) film? Ben je thuis in de Japanse cultuur of wil je er meer […]

CAMERA JAPAN goes to …. Italy!

In an exciting new development, CAMERA JAPAN is pleased to be involved in the Erasmus+ Programme. We have joined forces with the Five Flavours Film Festival (Poland), Helsinki Cine Aasia (Finland), and the Udine Far East Film Festival (Italy) to launch a unique exchange programme, which offers volunteers from participating festivals the opportunity to join […]