Call for Volunteers

CAMERA JAPAN is looking for enthusiastic people to help us before, during and after the 2022 festival. Can you fill any of the positions listed below for a minimum of three shifts? If yes, please fill in this short form with your contact details, preferred position, and availability. Arigato! • Poster distribution: Hang posters at […]

Oproep voor de CAMERA JAPAN jongerenjury

Voor de 17de editie van CAMERA JAPAN, dat plaatsvindt van 22 tot en met 25 september 2022 in LantarenVenster, gaan wij de jongerenjury weer organiseren. Na een zeer geslaagd jury-programma tijdens de 14de editie, kunnen we niet wachten om deze in volle glorie terug te brengen dit jaar! Ben jij tussen de 16 en 25 […]

Vacancy: Kids’ Day Coordinator

Kids’ Day Coordinator The seventeenth edition of the CAMERA JAPAN Festival will take place from 22 September until 2 October, 2022, in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. To strengthen our team and to help us create another great festival experience, we are looking for another Kids’ Day Coordinator. The Kids’ Day Coordinator post is shared by two […]

The 2021 CAMERA JAPAN Award

The 2021 edition of CAMERA JAPAN has now wrapped up. A big arigato for all your support! Today we are pleased to announce the winner of the 2021 Audience Award. After counting all the votes in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Ushiku stays at the top of the rankings. Congratulations to director Thomas ASH. To make this […]

Rotterdam Votes for the 2021 Audience Award

After four days packed with film screenings in Rotterdam, Ushiku from director Thomas ASH tops the Audience Award rankings. Using a hidden camera, ASH interviewed inmates at the Ushiku immigration centre near Tokyo about their treatment and Japan’s uncompromising refugee policy on the eve of the COVID-19 outbreak. The top ten titles so far are: […]

The 2020 CAMERA JAPAN Audience Award

It was a wrap at CAMERA JAPAN in Amsterdam last night. A big thank you to audiences and volunteers in Rotterdam and Amsterdam for making the fifteenth edition such a great experience despite the strange circumstances. Today we are pleased to announce the winner of the 2020 Audience Award. After counting all the votes in […]

ON-GAKU tops the Audience Award rankings after Rotterdam

On-Gaku: Our Sound leads the Audience Award rankings after four days of CAMERA JAPAN in Rotterdam. A dryly comical, minimalistic animation from IWAISAWA Kenji about three good-for-nothings who decide to form a band. Impressively, the director also handled most of the animation himself. Top 10 1. ON-GAKU: Our Sound 2. Romance Doll 3. Voices in […]

Yes! CAMERA JAPAN 2020 Is On

The CAMERA JAPAN team looks forward to welcoming all CAMERA JAPAN fans, film fans, Japan aficionados, casual visitors, and newbies to the 15th edition of the CAMERA JAPAN Festival in Rotterdam and Amsterdam this September and October. We kick off at WORM on Wednesday 23 September followed by four days of screenings and side programmes […]

Streaming Japanese movies #6: Tampopo and Katsuo-Bushi

Each week members of the CAMERA JAPAN team pick their favourite Japanese films to watch at home on all kinds of streaming services. This time, we recommend two movies for foodies. Francesca BOI (Programmer) picks Tampopo (ITAMI Jūzō, 1985) Tampopo is a mediocre ramenya (a ramen noodle shop) owner, whose business is in decline since […]