From small beginnings, CAMERA JAPAN has grown into the biggest Japanese cultural festival in the BeNeLux over the past ten years. Every year, we work hard to screen a broad and diverse cross-section of current Japanese cinema and to organize a substantial side programme of performances, lectures, workshops, and visual art exhibits—all with strong links to Japanese culture.

Like so many other cultural organisations and institutions, CAMERA JAPAN has been hit by decreasing subsidies and rising costs. To be able to continue presenting the annual showcase of fine Japanese films we have decided to set up the CAMERA JAPAN Kurabu (Japanese for ‘club’) which we also hope will strengthen the bond with our numerous fans.

Why not join the CAMERA JAPAN Kurabu and become a Friend of the Festival? You will play a key part in keeping the festival going and you will help us create what we like to think is a very special experience in the Netherlands.

Interested? We have the following membership options:

桃 Momo (regular membership) €50 per year
Two tickets for the opening of the festival

梅 Ume (VIP membership) €150 per year
Two tickets for the opening of the festival
Four vouchers to be exchanged for film tickets at the festival
A Kurabu members only CAMERA JAPAN t-shirt
Meeting with organisers of the festival to toast festival
Free entry to several other CAMERA JAPAN events held during the year

桜 Sakura (corporate membership) € 250 per year
Two tickets for the opening of the festival
Ten vouchers to be exchanged for film tickets at the festival (to give away to business relations, staff or colleagues)
Logo of your organisation on our website
Up to 50% discount on advertising via festival channels

Plus the eternal gratitude of the whole CAMERA JAPAN team, our visitors and all fans of Japanese cinema!

Interested? Please contact Alex Oost or fill in the form below.

Q: What are the membership fees spent on?
A: We will use the Membership fees to fund the festival as a whole, not specific parts of the programme.

Q: I am a regular visitor to the festival, why should I become a member of the Kurabu?
A: Since 2006, we have managed to organise the festival using private and public funding for which we are grateful. However, budget cuts to the cultural sector have had, and still have, a heavy impact on us (as well as many other organisations). Incomes are decreasing and costs are rising. For us, this means that we have to find alternative sources of income while keeping costs to a minimum. We prefer to build a strong community of fans of the festival by starting a Kurabu rather than to go with a one-off funding initiative (Kickstarter etc.).

Q: How can I cancel my membership?
A: Your membership will expire at the end of the year. You will be contacted before the end of year to see if you are interested to extend your membership for another year. It is possible to cancel your membership during the year but you will not be eligible for a refund.

Q: I would like to support the festival but unfortunately I do not have the financial means for membership right now. Are there any ways I can support the festival without spending money?
A: Yes, of course. There are numerous ways you can help us! Just to name a few: join our team of volunteers at the festival, or promote the festival in different easy ways, be it word-of-mouth, liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, registering for the newsletter, or, before the festival, distributing flyers among your friends, family and colleagues.

Q: Is it possible to donate a smaller amount without becoming a Kurabu member?
A: Yes, it is! You can donate by sending your contribution directly to our bank account (Stichting Tamago, NL61 INGB 0001188239. Be sure to mention ‘donation’). Unfortunately you will not receive the benefits of Kurabu membership, but we are grateful for all contributions. Great oaks from little acorns grow!