LEE Sang-il 李 相日
Rurō no tsuki

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When 19-year-old university student Fumi offers 10-year-old Sarasa an umbrella, the girl ends up staying at Fumi’s place for two months. They seem to form a deep connection until Fumi is suspected of kidnapping. Based on a novel by NAGIRA Yuu, known for her BL (boys love) novels. Cinematography by HONG Kyung-pyo (Burning, Parasite)

Wanneer de 19-jarige student Fumi een paraplu aan de 10-jarige Sarasa geeft, blijft het jonge meisje twee maanden lang plakken in Fumi’s appartement. Ze lijken een diepe band te krijgen, totdat Fumi beschuldigd wordt van het ontvoeren van Sarasa. Gebaseerd op het populaire boek van NAGIRA Yuu, bekend van haar BL (boys love) romans. Met prachtig camerawerk van HONG Kyung-gyo (Burning, Parasite).

LEE Sang-il 李相日 is a third-generation Korean resident in Japan. After graduating from university, LEE entered the Japan Academy of Moving Images, the film school of IMAMURA Shohei. In 2000, he made his feature film debut with his graduation film, Chong, which won the Grand Prize at the Pia Film Festival. In 2006 his fifth feature film Hula Girls became a social-phenomenon hit and won the Japan Academy Prize for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. LEE is now one of Japan’s leading filmmakers whose recent work stands out for profound insight into human nature.

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