Voices in the Wind
SUWA Nobuhiro
Kaze no denwa


Haru is the only one of her family to survive the tsunami in 2011. After the tragedy she moved to Hiroshima to live with her aunt, but when the aunt is suddenly hospitalised, Haru decides to hitchhike back to her hometown Otsuchi. During her travels, she is told by several people about a so-called “wind telephone” in the village which can be used to call your deceased relatives. A beautiful drama about dealing with trauma. Despite the heavy topic, Voices in the Wind is full of tender moments.

Als enige van haar familie overleefde Haru de tsunami van 2011. Sindsdien woont ze bij haar tante in Hiroshima, maar als die plotseling in het ziekenhuis belandt besluit Haru terug te liften naar haar geboorteplaats Otsuchi. Tijdens haar reis hoort ze allerlei verhalen over een ‘windtelefoon’ in het dorp, waarmee je naar overleden familieleden kunt bellen. Prachtig drama over traumaverwerking, dat ondanks de zware thematiek toch vol tedere momenten zit.


About the Director

SUWA Nobuhiro (諏訪敦彦) is a film Director working in Japan and France. While studying film at the Tokyo Zokei University, SUWA worked on producing several independent films. After graduating, he produced TV documentaries. SUWA’s first fictional film 2/Duo (1997) premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. His second fictional film M/Other won the FIPRESCI Prize in the Parallel sections at Cannes Film Festival. SUWA has gone on to direct many acclaimed films and is now the president of Zokei University.

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