V-Cinema: The Video Revolution in Japan + One Cut of the Dead
UEDA Shinichiro 上田慎一郎
Kamera wo tomeruna!

One Cut of the Dead

Japanese film expert Tom MES will guide you through the world of V-Cinema using fragments, analysis, and anecdotes. After the lecture (about 40 minutes), we will screen One Cut of the Dead from director UEDA Shinichiro (96 minutes). One Cut of the Dead won the audience awards at CAMERA JAPAN 2018 and at Imagine Festival 2019.

The golden age of the video rental store also coincided with that of cinema in general. Thanks to the extra revenue provided by the emerging video market, more films than ever were produced. Nowhere was this more obvious than in Japan, the country that invented the videocassette recorder. The so-called V-Cinema was initially meant to turn a quick profit by churning out cheap, direct-to-video genre movies. Every year, 200 new titles would turn up on the shelves of Japanese video rental stores.

And yet, V-Cinema produced talents such as MIIKE Takashi (Audition), KUROSAWA Kiyoshi (Shokuzai), AOYAMA Shinji (Eureka) and NAKATA Hideo (Ringu), who are all internationally acclaimed today. Not to mention the J-Horror genre.

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