UMUI – Guardians of Traditions
Daniel LÓPEZ ダニエル・ロペス
ウムイ 芸能の村
Umui geinō no mura

©2022 UMUI - Guardians of Traditions

Of the five main Japanese islands, Okinawa may be the smallest in size, but by no means in tradition. As a Swiss-born Okinawan resident, director LÓPEZ captures the artistic legacy of traditional Ryukyu dance and shanshin music. This documentary intimately illustrates the Okinawan people’s desire to nurture the longevity of their performative arts.

Van de vijf Japanse hoofdeilanden is Okinawa misschien de kleinste, maar zeker niet de minste qua rijke historie. Geboren in Zwitserland en woonachtig in Okinawa, legt regisseur LÓPEZ de artistieke traditie vast van traditionele Ryukyu-dans en shanshin-muziek. Deze documentaire verbeeldt op intieme wijze de wens van Okinawa’s gemeenschap om de levensduur van hun tradities te waarborgen.

Daniel LÓPEZ ダニエル・ロペス was born in Switzerland. He moved to Okinawa in 2003. In 2010, he graduated from the University of Arts in Okinawa. He has worked as a photographer, stage director, publisher and TV presenter. In 2015, he made his first feature-length documentary Katabui – In the Heart of Okinawa. His latest, Umui – Guardians of Traditions was awarded the Grand Prix for Best Anthropological-Ethnographic Film at the 2022 Tokyo Documentary Film Festival. He is also active in creating artistic bridges between Okinawa, Europe and Thailand, organizing several joint exhibitions and artist residencies in Switzerland and Okinawa.

2022 – Umui – Guardians of Traditions ウムイ 芸能の村
2020 – Rheinbilder, a piece of Germany in Okinawa
2016 – Katabui – In the Heart of Okinawa カタブイ ー沖縄に生きるー