Tsugaru Lacquer Girl
TSURUOKA Keiko 鶴岡慧子
Bakanuri no musume

©2023 Tsugaru Lacquer Girl

The Tsugaru lacquerware industry in northern Japan is in decline. While Aoki’s grandfather was respected and successful, her father has been impoverished by his devotion to the craft, which also cost him his marriage. His son wants nothing to do with it. Aoki does not know what to do with her life, except to try to learn the craft from her father and to continue the family business. However, her father has lost faith in it. A subtle drama about personal challenges, complicated family relations and the nature of legacy. Fine depictions of the process and craft of Tsugaru lacquer.

On Sunday 24 September, we’re also hosting a Maki-e workshop (Japanese lacquer decoration technique) in LantarenVenster

Japans Tsugaru lakwerk is als industrie in verval. Akoi’s opa had respect en succes, maar haar vaders toewijding aan het vakmanschap leverde hem armoede op, kostte hem zijn huwelijk en zijn zoon wil er niks mee te maken hebben. Aoki weet niet wat te doen met haar leven, behalve te proberen haar vaders vak te leren en de familiezaak voort te zetten, maar hij heeft er geen vertrouwen meer in. Een subtiel drama over persoonlijke uitdaging, complexe familierelaties en erfgoed, met fijne verbeeldingen van het Tsugaru lakproces.

Op zondag 24 september organiseren we ook een Maki-e workshop (traditionele Japanse lakdecoratietechniek) in LantarenVenster

TSURUOKA Keiko 鶴岡慧子 began making movies while attending Rikkyo University. Her graduation work, The Town of Whales, won the Grand Prize at the 2012 PIA Film Festival and was shown at the Berlinale, the Busan International Film Festival, and many other film festivals around the world. She began studying directing at the Graduate School of Film and New Media at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2012. Her second film My First Love, was presented at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

2023 – Tsugaru Lacquer Girl バカ塗りの娘
2019 – Makuko まく子
2015 – Lingering Memories 過ぐる日のやまねこ
2013 – My First Love はつ恋
2012 – The Town of Whales くじらのまち