Olivier KAZUMA

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An artistic and captivating short film in the spirit of a delicate theatrical performance. Olivier KAZUMA needs almost no dialogue to tell a story about living in the moment, largely shot in one single take.

Screened before Cafune

Een artistieke en intrigerende korte film die haast een verfijnde theateropvoering is. KAZUMA heeft zo goed als geen dialoog nodig om een verhaal te vertellen over leven in het moment, dat hij grotendeels in één take filmde.

Vertoond voorafgaand aan Cafune

Olivier KAZUMA studied theatre and cinema at Nihon University College of Art. After graduation, he joined TBS Sparkle as assistant director on TV dramas and as video editor for the news. He currently works as a journalist at the Foreign News Department. In college, he wrote and directed Papillon, a play that was performed in Tokyo. Since then, he has worked on more than 20 plays and films as actor, project manager, scriptwriter, and director. TRACÉ is his first film as writer and director since graduating from university.

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