The Night Before Upheaval

©2022 The Night Before Upheaval

Filmmaker KAMEYAMA Mutsuki presents a sincere and in-depth look at getting their film 12 Months of KAI screened at foreign film festivals. The documentary provides an insider view of international film festival applications, directors’ struggles to gain recognition, and the impact of COVID-19 on the film industry. A fascinating perspective on the faces behind the films we screen at CAMERA JAPAN.

In deze documentaire legt Kameyama Mutsuki de oprechte en diepgaande reis vast om hun film ’12 Months of KAI’ gescreend te krijgen op buitenlandse filmfestivals. De film geeft ons een blik achter de schermen van filmfestival inzendingen, regisseurs en hun strijd om erkenning, en de invloed van COVID-19 op de filmindustrie. Een fascinerend perspectief op (en eerbetoon aan) de mensen wiens films we op CAMERA JAPAN vertonen.

KAMEYAMA Mutsuki 亀山睦木 graduated from the Department of Cinema at Nihon University College of Art. They have written and directed screenplays for stage productions, commercials, music videos, films and dramas. In 2020, they received several awards for 12 Months of KAI, including Best Sci-Fi Feature Film at the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival in Phoenix, USA.

2022 – The Night Before Upheaval 世界で戦うフィルムたち
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