The End of the Pale Hour
MATSUMOTO Hana 松本 花奈
Akegata no wakamonotachi


A man discovers that life after graduation is hardly as exciting as he was hoping for. Then at a drinking party, he meets an enigmatic woman who might bring his life the spark he is so desperately longing for. Second film by promising director MATSUMOTO Hana, who won the Audience Award and Special Jury Award at Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival at the age of 17, for her debut Dadadada Seventeen.

Een man ontdekt dat het leven na het afstuderen niet zo spannend is als waarop hij had gehoopt. Dan ontmoet hij op een feestje een mysterieuze vrouw die zijn leven als jonge professional weer kan doen sprankelen. Tweede film van de veelbelovende regisseur MATSUMOTO Hana, die met haar debuut Dadadada Seventeen op 17-jarige leeftijd de Audience Award en Special Jury Award won op Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival.

MATSUMOTO Hana 松本花奈 is an actress and film director. She has appeared in movies and television series since the age of eight. She also started directing in her second year of high school, which is when she started making her first feature, Dadadada Seventeen. She completed the film before she finished school. The End of the Pale Hour, her second film, is her first work as an adult.

2021 – The End of the Pale Hour 明け方の若者たち
2016 – Dadadada Seventeen 脱脱脱脱17