Take Over Zone
YAMASAKI Shinpei 山嵜晋平
Teiku oobaa zoon


The parents of teenager Sari split up three years ago and ever since, she has been living with her father while her younger brother Toma lives with their mother. After getting into a conflict with a fellow student named Yukina, Sari discovers that her mother is actually living together with Yukina’s father. Out of despair and frustration, she decides to take Toma and run away. A beautiful film about growing up and accepting who you are with strong acting from the young cast.

Sinds haar ouders drie jaar geleden zijn gescheiden woont tiener Sari samen met haar vader, terwijl haar moeder het huis heeft verlaten samen met Sari’s broertje Toma. Als Sari het op school aan de stok krijgt met een medeleerling genaamd Yukina, komt ze er tot haar grote schrik achter dat haar moeder inmiddels samenwoont met de vader van Yukina. Uit wanhoop en frustratie besluit ze Toma op te halen en SAMEN weg te lopen. Mooi drama over opgroeien en accepteren wie je bent, met sterk spel van de jonge cast.


About the Director

YAMASAKI Shinpei (山嵜 晋平) is a film director and screenwriter. After graduation he started working at Rakueisha under the tutelage of fellow director MIIKE Takashi. After working as an assistant on a number of films, YAMASAKI moved on to direct drama series at BS Japan in 2015. In 2019 his film Take-Over Zone (2019) was presented at the 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival where lead actress Yoshina Riru received the Gemstone Award for her performance in the film.

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