Special Screening: Rotterdam Kinematic Ensemble

Rotterdam Kinematic Ensemble

The Rotterdam Kinematic Ensemble is an improvisation music ensemble created by Gonçalo Almeida and Philipp Ernsting to perform live music during silent movies. The ensemble works within the experimental and improvisation music community of Rotterdam, with a variable geometry which adapts the instrumental set according to the movie program. The ensemble is valued for the intense musical improvisation between players and interaction with the movie, making a unique audio cinematic experience for the audience.

Film Programme:

A Straightforward Boy directed OZU Yasujiro 内山拓也
突貫小僧 Tokkan Kozo
Japan 1929 | 23 min | Black & White | Eng. sub

Ghost Stories: Fox and Tanuki directed by YOSHINO Jirō 吉野二郎
怪談狐と狸 Kaidan Kitsune to Tanuki
Japan 1929 | 36 min. | Black & White | Eng sub.