Shrieking in the Rain
UCHIDA Eiji 内田 英治
Ame ni sakekeba


A young up and coming film director is making an exploitation film, during the summer of 1988. She is constantly running into walls, and being undermined by people on the set who don’t take her seriously. Shrieking in the Rain is a light comedy about the day-to-day life on the set of an exploitation movie, but also sharply addresses sexism in the industry. The delightful set design, spot on for the period it is depicting, is a must watch for all lovers of camp films.

Een beginnende regisseur maakt een exploitatiefilm tijdens de zomer van 1988. Constant wordt ze ondermijnd door mensen op de set die haar niet serieus nemen, of loopt ze tegen obstakels aan. Shrieking in the Rain is een frivole komedie over het reilen en zeilen op de set van een B-film, maar pakt ook het seksisme in de industrie scherp aan. Het prachtige set-design, accuraat voor de tijdsperiode, is de hemel voor liefhebbers van camp.

UCHIDA Eiji 内田英治 was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Before joining the film industry, he worked as a reporter for Playboy Japan. Uchida had smash hits at the Japanese box office with his low budget features Lowlife Love and Love and Other Cults, which were also screened at over fifty film festivals internationally (including CAMERA JAPAN). Subsequently, he wrote and directed episodes for the first season of the internationally acclaimed Netflix series The Naked Director. In 2020, Midnight Swan won the Japan Academy Film Prize for Best Picture.

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