Short Animation Selection


A selection of contemporary artistic and experimental short animation films directed by both exciting newcomers and experienced veterans. The selected films differ greatly in style and substance, and offer you a chance to discover what the future of Japanese anime has in store.

Een selectie van hedendaagse artistieke en experimentele korte animatiefilms, geregisseerd door zowel getalenteerde nieuwkomers als ervaren veteranen. De geselecteerde films variëren sterk in stijl en inhoud, en bieden de kijker de kans om te ontdekken wat de toekomst van de Japanse animatie in petto heeft.



  • #_ hashtag underbar Akari TADA #_ 多田あかり 6:00 2022
    A woman works as a childcare worker during the day, but she drowns in a feeling of emptiness every night. She wants someone to find her presence, so she keeps sending out her voice on social media.
  • WEATHER MAP Nana Kawabata WEATHER MAP 川畑 那奈 9:09 2021
    With this weather, it looks like we’re in for a rough ride.
  • Polar Bear Bears Boredom Koji YAMAMURA ホッキョクグマ すっごくひま 山村浩二 7:00 2021
    A polar bear is very bored with various marine animals in the deep blue sea. The story is told in the ancient tradition of the Caricatures of Frolicking Animals scroll painting.
  • On Time Off Time Hirotoshi IWASAKI On Time Off Time 岩崎宏俊 9:28 2020
    The juxtaposed movements resonate with each other, filling the conflict between continuity and fluctuation.
  • The Swallow That Couldn’t Fly Hirotaka UCHIDA 飛べなかった燕 内田 寛崇 10:00 2021
    My Grandpa was born into a family of Buddhist monks. He fought in suicide attack operations. Eimyou was alive until the end of the war on August 15, 1945. He was preparing to complete a sortie on August 17, 1945, but the night before, the conflict between life and death reaches its peak.
  • 3 Intestine Road, Fish Island Moe WAKABAYASHI サカナ島胃袋三腸目 若林 萌 17:12 2022
    A story of a family of three consisting of a pig, fish and a tadpole that live in the stomach of a big fish. Their lives are turned upside down when a fruit floats into their home.
  • Takano Intersection Mizuki ITO 高野交差点 伊藤瑞希 6:30 2021
    In a certain city, for just a moment in time, the lives of three strangers intersect.
  • Magnified City Isaku KANEKO Magnified City 金子勲矩 11:34 2022
    A Magnifying Glass Human is wandering in a ruined city. One day he is attracted by a photo of a beautiful city. When he tries to look at it, he accidentally burns the photo because light passed through his lens. Meanwhile, in a magnificent theater on the top of a mountain, a secret society of Projector Humans are making a grand plan to recover the city with the Magnifying Glass Human’s convex lens. This is an event that happened overnight.
  • Estrange Kazuki SEKIGUCHI 駐車場でアメを食べたね 関口和希 6:15 2021
    On the eve of her wedding, Miyo’s best friend cuts her off. Realizing that friendships have a shelf life, Miyo thinks back to the days when they were young and joyful.
  • Blink in the Desert Shinobu SOEJIMA Blink in the desart 副島しのぶ 10:34 2021
    Malice comes abruptly. In the blink of an eye. Suddenly on a whim like a flapping insect. One day a young hermit finds a winged insect and crushes it out of disgust. Meanwhile, the elephant sees the incident but says nothing. From that day on, the boy is chased by the shadows of winged insects.
  • A Bite of Bone Honami YANO 骨嚙み 矢野ほなみ 9:45 2021
    Set on a small island in Japan where the director was born and raised, the film explores the relationship between the death of her father and the bomb storage in the mountain behind the family house.