Short Animation Selection


A selection of contemporary artistic and experimental short animation films directed by both exciting newcomers and experienced veterans. The selected films differ greatly in style and substance, and offer you a chance to discover what the future of Japanese anime has in store.

Een selectie van hedendaagse artistieke en experimentele korte animatiefilms, geregisseerd door zowel getalenteerde nieuwkomers als ervaren veteranen. De geselecteerde films variëren sterk in stijl en inhoud, en bieden de kijker de kans om te ontdekken wat de toekomst van de Japanse animatie in petto heeft.

Film Programme

  • PUPARIA by TAMAGAWA Shingo 「PUPARIA」 玉川真吾 3:00 2020
  • Difference and Repetition and Coffee by KUDO Masa 「差異と反復とコーヒー」 工藤雅 04:30 2020
  • Maternal Awakening by OKADA Shiika「Journey to the 母性の目覚め」 岡田詩歌 05:10 2020
  • dro:p by NAKAGAWA Tasuku 「dro:p」 中川祐 4:11 2019
  • THE・MOB by ODA Amane「THE・MOB」 オダアマネ 7:00 2020
  • COMET by NAKAMURA Shogo「COMET」 中村匠吾 3:35 2019
  • ONE WORLD by KAWABATA Nana「ONE WORLD」 川畑那奈 03:20 2020
  • Brassiere cat by KURITA Mone「ブラジャーねこ」 くりたもね 03:44 2020
  • Long Live the Cat by MASUDA Yuta「化け猫ヤス」増田優太 5:08 2020
  • The Mark of Emi by FURUKAWAHARA Momoka 「かたのあと」 ふるかわはら ももか 4:05 2020
  • Our Little Pond by ISHIDATE Namiko「わたしのトーチカ」 石舘波子 14:57 2021
  • DINO! by HOSOKAWA Shin「DINO!」 細川晋 24:42 2020