Short Animation selection

©2023 Carrots Don’t Wait | ©2021 MOLTING ©2020 Polka-dot Boy

A selection of contemporary artistic and experimental short animation films directed by both exciting newcomers and experienced veterans. The selected films differ greatly in style and substance and offer you a chance to discover what the future of Japanese anime has in store.

Een selectie van hedendaagse artistieke en experimentele korte animatiefilms, geregisseerd door zowel getalenteerde nieuwkomers als ervaren veteranen. De geselecteerde films variëren sterk in stijl en inhoud, en bieden de kijker de kans om te ontdekken wat de toekomst van de Japanse animatie in petto heeft.


  • Ryota ときめく良太 KIHARA Masataka 4:15
    One day after school, Ryota repeatedly commits certain acts.
  • Leapfrog うまとび HANDA Tomomi 4:25
    Memories of the sights and noise of the gym at the start of PE class.
  • The SALE 今日はきょろきょろバーゲンセール MORIMOTO Maki 7:20
    A girl goes to town to buy a big chicken.
  • Open One’s Mouth 口をひらく MURATA Akane 村田茜 4:09
    Painting animation depicting joy and anxiety, daily elusive emotions and subtleties of interacting with people.
  • NOMINO SUKUNE 野見宿禰 MIYAJIMA Ryotaro 1:45
    In ancient legends, SUKUNE Nomino was the creator of Japanese sumo wrestling. He also replaced live human sacrifices in the Imperial tombs with terra-cotta clay sculptures.
  • The Expanding World 広がる、せかい KURIYA Tae 10:00
    A shy young girl becomes involved with others through drawing.
  • Carrots Don’t Wait ニンジンは待ってくれない MACHIDA Lina 7:37
    An animation that captures a moment where birth and death overlap.
  • The Ogre, the Curtain and Salt 鬼、布と塩 NISHIHARA Misa 11:00
    Long ago, ogres and villagers decided to live on separate mountains, but time passed and everyone forgot the promise.
  • In The Big Yard Inside The Teeny-Weeny Pocket ミニミニポッケの大きな庭 YUKI Yokl 6:37
    A charming animation rhyme that weaves together many days of observing, recording, and experimenting.
  • MOLTING Bowda Katsushi 13:42
    A uniquely evolving AI is endlessly sorting out a garbage dump site left by the human race, now extinct.
  • Polka-dot Boy ポルカドットボーイ NIHEI Sarina 7:40
    A boy who suffers from a polka-dot disease on his arms discovers a hidden connection between the disease and a religious group.
  • MANGA Girls マンガガールズ KEDOIN Yuki & OKADO Takashi 9:55
    I would always draw manga by myself at school, but then someone started to follow me. “Am I being stalked?!”