Short Animation Selection


A selection of contemporary artistic and experimental short animation films, directed by both exciting newcomers and experienced veterans. The selected films differ greatly in style and substance, and offer you a chance to discover what the future of Japanese animation has in store.

Een selectie van hedendaagse artistieke en experimentele korte animatiefilms, gemaakt door zowel jonge enthousiastelingen als door ervaren rotten. De films verschillen in stijl en onderwerp onderling enorm van elkaar en bieden een inkijkje in wat Japanse animatie ons in de nabije toekomst te bieden heeft.

  • MIMI by FUKUYA Lisa, 2018, 5 min
  • For the Fake for You by OUCHI Rieko, 2017, 5 min
  • Somewhere Soft by YOSHINARI Satoe, 2018, 5 min
  • GoodLuck Yonpey by SHIMIZU Shota, 2018, 4 min
  • MOWB by YUHARA Kazuki, 2019, 14 min
  • one day by KOYANO Moe, 2018, 5 min
  • The Spirits of Cain by SOEJIMA Shinobu, 2018, 7 min
  • BORDERLINE by IRIMAJIRI Seishi, 2017, 9 min
  • Keep Forgetting by SHIBATA Takahiro, 2019, 10 min
  • HUNTER by YAMADA Ryoji, 2017, 9 min
  • Bath House of Whales by KIYAMA Mizuki, 2019, 7 min
  • Autumn from Antonio Vivaldi “The Four Seasons” by WADA Atsushi, 2018, 11 min


Curated by MURAKAMI Hiromitsu.