Perfect Days


Hirayami cleans public toilets in Tokyo and seems to be truly content with his simple, solitary life. He follows a strict daily routine, rarely talks to anyone and dedicates his free time to his passion for music, books and photographing the same tree every day. A richly detailed, poetic and deeply moving character study by legendary German director Wim WENDERS. Starring the incredible YAKUSHO Koji who won the Best Actor Award at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

Hirayami lijkt tevreden te zijn met zijn simpele leven: hij maakt openbare toiletten schoon in Tokyo, praat zelden met iemand en volgt elke dag een strakke routine. Zijn vrije tijd wijdt hij aan zijn passie voor muziek, literatuur en het dag na dag fotograferen van dezelfde boom. Een rijk gedetailleerde, poëtische en diep ontroerende karakterstudie van de legendarische Duitse regisseur Wim WENDERS, waarvoor de geweldige YAKUSHO Koji de beste acteur-prijs won op het Cannes filmfestival van 2023.

Wim WENDERS ヴィム・ヴェンダース is a German film director of great renown. He started his career in the early 1970s as part of the New German Cinema. The distinctive look of many of his films can be credited to Dutch cinematographer Robby MÜLLER. WENDERS also made films in the US, including the much praised Paris, Texas. His most famous film is perhaps Wings of Desire made after his return to Germany. His latest masterpiece Perfect Days was filmed entirely in Japan with Japanese actors and crew. Following Tokyo-Ga, a documentary about OZU Yasujiro, Perfect Days is the second film WENDERS has shot in Japan.

2023 – Perfect Days パーフェクト・デイズ
2011 – Pina ピナ・バウシュ 踊り続けるいのち
1999 – Buena Vista Social Club ブエナ・ビスタ・ソシアル・クラブ
1987 – Wings of Desire ベルリン・天使の詩
1985 – Tokyo-Ga 東京画
1984 – Paris, Texas パリ、テキサス
1978 – The American Friend アメリカの友人
1974 – Alice in the Cities 都会のアリス