KOTANI Tadasuke 小谷忠典

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The painter SUWA Atsushi is asked to paint a portrait of a couple’s deceased son, Tetsuaki, who was studying to be a doctor before he died. To learn about him, SUWA studies photos of him and talks to his family and a friend about their memories, painting their portraits in the process. Filmmaker KOTANI Tadasuke follows his approach to create a deeply moving documentary about grief and the power of memory.

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Schilder SUWA Atsushi wordt door een koppel ingehuurd om een portret te schilderen van hun overleden zoon Tetsuaki, die voor zijn dood medicijnen studeerde. Om meer over hem te weten te komen, bestudeert SUWA foto’s van hem en spreekt met zijn familie en een vriend over hun herinneringen aan hem, terwijl hij ook portretten van hen schildert. Filmmaker KOTANI Tadasuke volgt SUWA’s methode om een diepgaande, ontroerende documentaire te maken over rouw en de kracht van herinnering.

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KOTANI Tadasuke 小谷忠典 studied painting and later film at the Visual Arts College Osaka. Since graduating, he has made both fiction and documentary features and shorts. His directorial debut Lullaby won an award at the 2002 Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival. In 2008, he made LINE, his first feature-length documentary film, which won the Cult Award at the 2009 Torino Film Festival.

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