New Directions in Japanese Cinema Vol. 3: Comedy
Various directors


Since 2006 the Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) invites young creative talents to create several 30 minute films. For this year’s anniversary edition we have compiled three different programmes, consisting of the best short films that Japanese cinema has to offer.

De Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) nodigt sinds 2006 jong creatief talent uit om verschillende films van 30 minuten te maken. Voor dit jaars jubileumeditie hebben we drie verschillende programma’s samengesteld, bestaande uit de beste korte films die de Japanse cinema te bieden heeft.

The titles for Vol. 3 are:

Line, Japan 2006, 30 min. Directed by NAKAO Hiroyuki
Liar, Japan 2011, 30 min. Directed by FUJISAWA Hirokazu
La la la Laundry, Japan 2012, 30 min. Directed by SUZUKI Kenichirou
Iron Horse in the Wind, Japan, 30 min. Directed by ASANUMA Naoya