Haiena ハイエナ


Deerman, a hallucinating guy who cannot find a job, has troubles with his girlfriend and spends his nights drinking an addictive liquor and philosophizing about life, war, love, sex, the upper class and freedom. The whole absurdity of this experimental movie by film director HAIENA is enhanced by the patchwork style of images, which follows the protagonist’s stream of consciousness, and not always in a linear way.

The screenings are preceded by the short Project Tanuki directed by CHIEUH Yu Hsin | Japan 2020 | 41 min | Colour | Eng. sub.

Deerman hallucineert, kan geen werk vinden, heeft ruzie met zijn vriendin, drinkt ‘s avonds een verslavende drank en filosofeert dan over het leven, de liefde, seks, oorlog, de rijke elite en vrijheid. De complete absurditeit van dit experiment van regisseur HAIENA wordt nog eens versterkt door een kaleidoscopische visuele stijl. Die niet altijd op lineaire wijze de gedachtestroom van de hoofdpersoon volgt.

Voorafgegaan door de short Project Tanuki – CHIEUH Yu Hsin | Japan 2020 | 41 min | Colour | Eng. sub.

HAIENA began his filmmaking explorations at music school where he shot films for his assignments. After graduating, he focused on writing post-modernist literature and producing music as a beatmaker. He wrote the script and acted in Luginsky, his first feature film, which won the Cinema Fan Award at the PIA Film Festival 2020. As a result of the positive response, the film was also shown at the Hong Kong Film Festival.