Kids’ Day

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The annual highlight of our festival: a special afternoon for our youngest visitors. Come experience Japanese culture with DIY family crest making, origami workshop and traditional games. The afternoon ends with a specially curated half hour film programme that have little to no dialogue. Only kids need tickets, parents are welcome to join the fun!

Elk jaar een hoogtepunt van het festival: een bijzondere middag voor onze jongste bezoekers. Ervaar de Japanse cultuur met het maken van familie-emblemen, origami-workshops en traditionele spelletjes. De middag wordt afgesloten met een speciaal samengesteld half uur lang filmprogramma, met daarin weinig tot geen dialogen. Alleen kinderen hoeven een kaartje te hebben, ouders zijn van harte welkom om gezellig mee te doen!

The film programme for the youngest friends of CAMERA JAPAN starts at 16:00. The total screening time is 30 minutes.

    • Old Clockman’s Park MORIMOTO Maki 森本 眞生 2:46 (2015)
      Children play in the park after school. An old ‘clockman’ watches them. One day a fly goes into him by mistake.
    • Friends かっぱのともだち KAWASAKI Ayaka 川崎 技花 3:45 (2023)
      A mole guides a world unknown to Kappa.
    • androp-MV “RainMan” Decovocal 4:28 (2020)
      Rainman cries without an umbrella, and teaches us the importance of coexisting with sorrow.
    • Yomoyama short stories よもやま短編集 KATAYAMA Fuka 片山 風花 3:43 (2020)
      Mysterious events happen on a daily basis in a cafe, but no one cares about them.
    • Koso Koso It’s Me こそこそぼくです HIMEDA Manabu 姫田 真武 2:55 (2016)
      It’s a song that makes everyone stretch their necks, including that earthworm and that older child.
    • Dancing with… ISHIZUKA Eisuke 石塚 瑛介 4:22 (2022)
      Two girls grow up together with dance. Someday, they are divided by themselves.
    • Little One IMAMURA Mikito イマムラミキト 2:37 (2022)
    • Oyasumi~Lullaby of Flame~ おやすみ ~Lullaby of Flame~ WAKAMI Arisa 若見 ありさ 6:51 (2022)
      A sand painting animation that invites you to a gentle, deep, meditation-like world. A lullaby for adults and children, that regenerates everyone’s universe.
    • Birthday for You みんなのたんじょうび Uwabami 2:15 (2023)
      Monthly song “Birthday For You” from the TV programme “Synapusyu