Just Remembering
MATSUI Daigo 松居 大悟
Chotto omoidashita dake

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Drive My Car meets Jim JARMUSCH in this bittersweet love story, inspired by Night on Earth. Teruo was a dancer, but became a theatre lighting technician. His girlfriend Yo works as a taxi driver. Together,  they remember their most intimate days as a couple with moments of humour and sadness. Director MATSUI Daigo returns to CAMERA JAPAN with his most mature work yet.

Drive My Car meets Jim Jarmusch in dit bitterzoete liefdesdrama geïnspireerd door Night on Earth. Teruo was een danser, maar doet nu licht & techniek in een theater. Zijn vriendin Yo is een taxichauffeur. Samen herinneren ze zich hun intiemste dagen en momenten. Hun romantische verhaal wordt gestaag verteld, met humoristische en onthullende momenten. Regisseur MATSUI Daigo keert terug naar CAMERA JAPAN met zijn meest volwassen werk tot nu toe, waarmee hij vorig jaar op het Tokyo International Film Festival de publieksprijs won.

MATSUI Daigo 松居大悟 worked in theatre and animated television before he started making live action films. He made Afro Tanaka, his first feature-length film in 2012. Since then, he has won acclaim on the festival circuit at home and abroad for films such as Wonderful World End, Japanese Girls Never Die, and the internationally admired one-take film Ice Cream and the Sound of Raindrops.

2022 – Just Remembering ちょっと思い出しただけ
2021 – Remain in Twilight くれなずめ (CJ 2021)
2020 – #HandballStrive #ハンド全力
2017 – Ice Cream and the Sound of Raindrops アイスと雨音 (CJ 2018)
2016 – Our Huff and Puff Journey 私たちのハァハァ (CJ 2016)
2015 – Wonderful World End 私たちのハァハァ (CJ 2015)
2012 – Afro Tanaka アフロ田中 (CJ 2013)