At CAMERA JAPAN, coming a bit earlier or staying a bit longer can bring you some pleasant joys. Like being surprised by one of our short interventions. These are short acts which will transport you briefly to another world. The past years have seen countless comical intermezzi, breathtaking martial arts demonstrations, and experimental dance performances.

Op CAMERA JAPAN loont het wat te blijven hangen na de film, of wat eerder langs te komen. Niet alleen kun je dan genieten van onze festivalsfeer, maar er is ook een kans dat je tegen één van onze interventies aanloopt: verrassende korte acts die je even laten vergeten waar je bent en je meenemen naar een andere wereld.

Performing Artists

Japanese artist Lanka has created a new performance for our 2021 edition. Lanka is an expert in Japanese calligraphy, her live painting allow us to appreciate the harmony of black lines on white surfaces in a sublime setting. It is an honour to have Lanka composing a new piece for our festival.

Hitomi Abe – Lanka Calligraphy


Daijiro HAMA is an artist from Kyoto currently living in Den Haag. Daijiro’s artistic universe mixes abstract and figurative landscapes and characters .With his monochromatic compositions he invites viewers to experience  the depth of Japanese folklore and culture and poposes a  reflection of ones soul and mind.


Jolijn DE WOLF explores the multipolar experience of being human. Founder of the Mythological Institute, she connects creativity and contemporary storytelling through performances, videos, and photography. She will be accompanied by the gracious sound of Shakuhachi played by talented musician Martine MUSSIES.

As part of Dadadadan Tenko, SAKAUE Akira and OTANI Kanako (Kyoto) have toured extensively and enthralled audiences worldwide with their spectacular taiko performances. After the dissolution of Dadadadan Tenko they continued performing taiko-based Japanese traditional music and at CAMERA JAPAN they will perform Otonoha. A battle between shamisen and drum. The resonating sounds float us into the future.