At CAMERA JAPAN, coming a bit earlier or staying a bit longer can bring you some pleasant joys. Like being surprised by one of our short interventions. These are short acts which will transport you briefly to another world. The past years have seen countless comical intermezzi, breathtaking martial arts demonstrations, and experimental dance performances.

Bij CAMERA JAPAN loont het om een beetje eerder of nog een beetje langer te blijven. Zo kan je verrast worden door korte acts die je tijdelijk naar een andere wereld brengen. Verleden jaren zijn er talloze komische intermezzo’s geweest, adembenemende vechtsport-demonstraties en experimentele (dans)performances.



“AWASEed” is an interactive performance inspired by the game of Awase, a matching game that was popular in Japan during the Heian period (794-1185). The traditional game consists of sets of clam shells with different drawings on the back. Players pick two shells at random. Then they compare and contrast the two drawings to find similarities and differences. The goal of the game is to simply enjoy the change in perceptions when two objects are put together. KIUCHI-san will ask you to play with salt instead of shells!

Learn more about Asami’s art by visiting her website:

We often invite people to showcase Japanese martial arts at CAMERA JAPAN. This year, Karel LAMMERS and Sander van DEELEN will demonstrate Koryu Uchinadi. Technically, it is a new form of karate, but perhaps it is also the oldest form of karate.


The calligraphy artist LANKA was born in Hokkaido. She started learning shuji when she was seven, but stopped at thirteen. LANKA started to study shodo in 2012. After six years of study, she obtained the masters level in 2018. She was won awards and her work has been shown at exhibitions. LANKA is now working on her own art and expression within Japanese calligraphy.

You can follow Lanka on her facebook page and instagram:

Instagram: lanka_jp_calligraphy

Makiko ITO is a freelance dancer and choreographer who has performed and taught in Japan. She has been working with musicians and dancers in Amsterdam since 2005. She has performed Wonderland, her improvisation performance project for and with children, at several international festivals and theatres.

Michael MOORE was born and raised in Eureka, California. He studied music at Humboldt State University and graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music in 1977. At the end of the seventies, he toured with the Salt Lake Mime Troupe through Europe and was attracted by the local jazz climate. In 1982 he decided to move to Amsterdam where he now regularly works with other artists.