At CAMERA JAPAN, coming a bit earlier or staying a little longer can bring you some pleasant joys. Like being surprised by one of our short interventions. These are short acts which will transport you briefly to another world.

Op CAMERA JAPAN loont het wat te blijven hangen na de film, of wat eerder langs te komen. Niet alleen kun je dan genieten van onze festivalsfeer, maar er is ook een kans dat je tegen één van onze interventies aanloopt: verrassende korte acts die je even laten vergeten waar je bent en je meenemen naar een andere wereld.

Fusion Japanese Folk Art
Fusion Japanese Folk Art is performed by YOSHITAKA Suzuki, who was born in Akita, Japan. He has performed around the World for over 15 years, based in Tokyo, NY, London and now Amsterdam.

His showreel can be seen on YouTube:

流 (Ryu)
流 (Ryu) is a storyteller duo that plans to connect the harbours of Rotterdam and Kyushu during CAMERA JAPAN. They will bring the audience on a musical journey, inspired by the flavours of Shakuhachi music, and narrate the myth of Hiruko (also known as Ebisu), a fisherman who, in the Oriental Mythology, is known as the God of Candour, Wealth & Good Fortune.

Shinbukan Dojo
Shinbukan Dojo will perform the ancient art of Japanese swordsmanship. Shinkendo is a form of Budo, or Japanese martial arts, created in 1990 by Obata Toshishiro.