At CAMERA JAPAN, coming a bit earlier or staying a bit later can bring you some pleasant joys. Like being surprised by one of our short interventions. These are short acts which will transport you briefly to another world. The past years have seen countless comical intermezzi, breathtaking martial arts demonstrations, and experimental dance performances.

Fri. 28/09 & Sat. 29/09, Lobby LantarenVenster / Rotterdam, FREE

Bij CAMERA JAPAN loont het om een beetje eerder of nog een beetje langer te blijven. Zo kan je verrast worden door korte acts die je tijdelijk naar een andere wereld brengen. Verleden jaren zijn er talloze komische intermezzo’s geweest, adembenemende vechtsport-demonstraties en experimentele (dans)performances.

Vrij. 28/9 & Zat. 29/9 Foyer LantarenVenster / Rotterdam, GRATIS

Unpolished Resonance

A performance bij Duizel (voice) and Honza Svasek (butoh) about the interconnectedness of life.

Aikido Demonstration

Aikido is a Japanese martial art based on the proper execution of technique. This makes aikido for adults and children a very effective way of self-defense. It is suitable for everyone; man or woman, young or old. The goal is to learn to defend yourself without injuring the opponent.

Live Painting
Mari Nakagawa studied Japanese painting at Kyoto Seika University and currently resides in the Netherlands. She will bring yokai from another world to life on paper in a live painting performance. Her style is based on Japanese-style outline techniques.