i – Documentary of the Journalist
MORI Tatsuya 森達也
i -新聞記者ドキュメント-
i - Shinbunkisha dokyumento


Politics and press are tightly interwoven in Japan through the so-called ‘press clubs’ (kisha kurabu). MOCHIZUKI Isoko of the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper is one of the journalists who fights for more independent news-gathering. Her trademark is the fiery way in which she questions politicians and their spokespeople. Documentary maker MORI Tatsuya follows her while she reports on a scandal surrounding prime minister ABE Shinzo. The film presents a clear image of the problems and challenges that Japanese journalists currently face.

Politiek en pers zijn in Japan innig met elkaar verbonden via de zogeheten ‘persclubs’ (kisha kurabu). Een van de journalisten die strijdt voor meer onafhankelijkheid is MOCHIZUKI Isoko van de krant Tokyo Shimbun. Haar handelsmerk is de vurige wijze waarop ze politici en woordvoerders ondervraagt. Documentairemaker MORI Tatsuya volgt haar in deze belangwekkende film onder meer terwijl ze verslag doet van een schandaal rond premier ABE Shinzo en schetst zo een gedegen beeld van de problemen en uitdagingen van de Japanse journalistiek.


About the Director

MORI Tatsuya (森 達也) is one of the most talented non-fiction filmmakers in Japan. Two documentaries by MORI, A (1998) and A2 (2001), which dealt with the religious group Aum Shinrikyo involved in the Tokyo subway gas attack in 1995, sparked considerable controversy. Nevertheless, A2 earned MORI two awards at the 2001 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival.

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