Goodbye, Don Glees!

Three teenage misfits who call themselves the Don Glees get blamed for a nearby forest fire. They set off into the woods in search of a drone that has evidence of their innocence, and a crazy summer adventure that will change their lives forever starts. First original feature from writer/director ISHIZUKA Atsuko, who previously directed the critically acclaimed series A Place Further Than the Universe. Produced by the renowned animation studio MADHOUSE (Paprika, Okko’s Inn).

Drie buitenbeentjes die zichzelf de ‘Don Glees’ noemen, krijgen de schuld voor een nabije bosbrand. De tieners gaan op zoek in het bos naar een drone, die het bewijs voor hun onschuld bevat. Het is het begin van een doldwaas zomers avontuur dat hun leven voorgoed zal veranderen. De eerste originele film van ISHIZUKA Atsuko, de schrijfster en regisseur van de serie A Place Further Than the Universe. Geproduceerd door de beroemde animatiestudio MADHOUSE (Paprika, Okko’s Inn).

ISHIZUKA Atsuko いしづかあつこ is a Japanese animator, storyboard artist and director. She started animating videos while studying graphic design at the Aichi Prefecture University of the Arts. Ishizuka began her animation career after joining Madhouse in 2004. There she started out working on designs and storyboards, and made her way up the ladder, mostly working on television series. Goodbye, Don Glees! is her second feature film as director.

2021 – Goodbye, Don Glees! グッバイ、ドン・グリーズ!
2017 – No Game No Life: Zero ノーゲーム・ノーライフ ゼロ