Going the Distance
Kazoku he


The 2018 season of Japanese film screenings kicks off on February 16 at the Shofukan Japanese Culture Center in Rotterdam where we will also cook up some tasty vegan curry for hungry filmgoers (not to mention scrumptious dessert).

Film + food is 15 euros. Film only is 5 euros.
Pay at the door by cash or pinpas.

We serve dinner from 19:00. The meal includes curry, dessert, and a complimentary drink.

Please send an email to rsvp@camerajapan.nl so we can make sure there is plenty of food to go around.

The film screening starts at 20:00.

Film Description

Asahi and Kaori are happily engaged, but when a childhood friend from Asahi turns to him for help he is forced to choose between the boy he grew up with in an orphanage and the woman he loves. In this dramedy from first-time director HARUMOTO Yujiro, three equally likable characters have to learn the hard way that you can’t have everything in life.

Asahi wordt op de proef gesteld wanneer een jeugdvriend, met wie hij opgroeide in een weeshuis, hem om hulp vraagt en hij gedwongen wordt te kiezen tussen zijn vriend en zijn verloofde. Tragikomische debuutfilm waarin HARUMOTO Yujiro aan de hand van het conflict tussen drie sympathieke personages toont dat het leven soms bikkelhard kan zijn.