Flashback Before Death
ISHIHARA Rii & ONOGAWA Hiroyuki 石原理衣 & 小野川浩幸


A cryptic, eerie short composed of flashbacks following a young man’s return home in 1930s Japan. Composer ONOGAWA Hiroyuki and his wife ISHIHARA Rii make their directorial debut with this atmospheric, haunting and genuinely freaky classic horror with remarkable sound design.

Screened before New Religion.

Een cryptische, enge korte film, bestaande uit een reeks flashbacks waarin een jonge man terug naar huis keert in het Japan van de jaren 30. Componist ONOGAWA Hiroyuki en zijn vrouw ISHIHARA Rii maken hun regiedebuut met deze sfeervolle, spookachtige en soms bizarre klassieke horrorfilm, met opmerkelijk geluidsdesign.

Vertoond voor New Religion.


ISHIHARA Rii graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Chuo University in 1999. She worked as a medical representative at the Kirin Brewery Company before starting her acting career. Her first role was in Blue Sky in 2010. Since then, she has acted in over 40 Japanese films, including The Lump in my Heart, Wild Virgins and A Story Sewn and Bound with a Red Thread, for which she won the Best Actress Award at the 2021 Wallachia Film Festival. Flashback Before Death is her directorial debut together with her husband ONOGAWA Hiroyuki.

ONOGAWA Hiroyuki has studied film music in France. His debut came with the film August in the Water by SOGO Ishii, the start of a fruitful relationship with the director. Together they also made Labyrinth of the Dreams, Gojoe, Electric Dragon 80000 V and Dead End Run. He has also composed music for FUKADA Koji’s Sayonara, Harmonium, The Man from the Sea, A Girl Missing (CJ 2019). Flashback Before Death is his directorial debut together with his wife ISHIHARA Rii.

2022 – Flashback Before Death 寓