Festive Opening
Video + dance + music + feature film

For the festive opening of the 2016 CAMERA JAPAN Festival we are pleased to welcome a team of artists with roots in many places around the world.

The Interpreter: A single channel video + performance

OKAKU Noriko, animator and visual artist, has produced a video work using Tarot card imagery and references to Derbyshire in Britain. Created during a residency in Derby in 2015, each card represents the artist’s interpretation of the history, myths and legends of the area. Duration: 6.5 minutes

Dancer ISHII Junya will perform to music by MONNA Akihide and Leo DUPLEIX.
The intention of the performance is to expand on the experiment of ‘interpretation’. The artists would like to invite the audience to pay attention to their own subconscious and the stories that emerge as they interpret the performers’ interpretation of the Tarot cards.
Duration: 15 minutes

This performance is organized by PLATAUX


Opening Film

The Mohican Comes Home


The opening film The Mohican Comes Home will be screened after The Interpreter. A quirky and off-beat comedy from director OKITA Shuichi that offers plenty of laughs and a whole lot of heart.

The ticket for the screening of The Mohican Comes Home at 19:00 on October 6 gives you access to the festive opening event.
About the artists:

OKAKU Noriko was educated at Chelsea College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art, completing an MA (RCA) in Animation. Her work in various media often retains a collage art element. She borrows, adopts, copies and recycles existing images to explore the diverse avenues of perception. Her work explores the eclecticism and mystery/strangeness underlying everyday objects and actions.

Born in Japan and raised in Mexico City and Toronto. In 2009, ISHII moved to Budapest to explore performing arts and to work with choreographer and visual artist, Josef Nadj. ISHII is the lead actor in 2045 Carnival Folklore directed by KATO Naoki (screening at the Kick-off at WORM). Recently, ISHII started a new project with MONNA Akihide to explore physical presence and rhythm. ISHII is currently based in Yokohama.

MONNA Akihide
Drummer in the London-based Japanese band BO NINGEN, known for his unbridled, animated and visceral drumming technique. Influenced by krautrock, Japanese noise, techno, free jazz and contemporary music. MONNA started the audio-visual performance project OvO with OKAKU Noriko in 2016. Coincidentally, MONNA formed an improvised physical expression duo with Junya Ishii in the same year.

Electronic musician and piano player who mainly works in the improvised and experimental fields. DUPLEIX uses, computer, contact microphones, speakers, electronic devices, Pianet (an electric piano from the 70s), synthesizers, and field recordings to create his music. DUPLEIX is interested in non-idiomatic (and sometimes idiomatic) improvisation, and composition, mainly electro-acoustic (but also for acoustic instruments).

The Interpreter from Animate Projects on Vimeo.