HIROTA Masaoki 廣田正興

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An inventive mix of comedy, drama, and yakuza film about a middle aged mailman and an underground poet named Penguin. Together with one of Penguin’s true dedicated fans, playfully called Moonlit Night’s Star, they get into trouble up to their eyeballs. Bleak violence is interspersed with beautiful dramatic scenes and a very dry sense of humour.

Originele mix van komedie, drama en yakuzafilm over een postbode van middelbare leeftijd en een underground dichter genaamd Penguin. Samen met één van Penguins weinige fans, die de ludieke naam Moonlit Night’s Star draagt, raken ze tot over hun oren in de problemen. Grimmig geweld wordt afgewisseld met mooi geschetste, dramatische scènes en een droogkomische toon.


About the Director

HIROTA Masaoki (廣田正興) started out as assistant director, while also producing many behind-the-scenes films from directors such as ANNO Hideaki and MIIKE Takeshi. HIROTA initially directed short to mid-length films, which gained some attention at Japanese film festivals. The film P received an Award of Excellence at the 2nd O!!IDO Film Festival Tokyo in 2012. Fancy is his first commercially produced full-length feature film.

2020 – Fancy ファンシー
2012 – P ピー
2010 – Yoyogi Blues: The Last Round – [The Missile and Map] 代々木ブルーズ最終回・地図とミサイル