Double Layered Town/Making a Song to Replace Our Positions
KOMORI Haruka 小森はるか+SEO Natsumi 瀬尾夏美
二重のまち / 交代地のうたを編む
Nijū no machi/Kōtaichi no uta wo amu


Four youngsters who do not know each other, head to the town of Rikuzentakata. There they listen to the local people and turn their experiences of the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March, 2011 into stories. Writer SEO Natsumi adds the fictional story Double Layered Town, which takes place ten years into the future, to their stories. An experimental, poetic documentary, which makes the pain and loss of the 3/11 disaster palpable.

Vier jongeren die elkaar niet kennen, gaan naar het stadje Rikuzentakata. Daar luisteren ze naar de lokale bevolking, en maken verhalen van diens ervaringen tijdens en na de zeebeving en tsunami op 11 maart 2011. Daar voegt schrijfster SEO Natsumi het fictieve verhaal Double Layered Town aan toe, dat tien jaar in de toekomst speelt. Een experimentele, poëtische documentaire die de pijn en het verlies van de 3/11 ramp invoelbaar maakt.

KOMORI Haruka 小森はるか graduated from the Inter-media Arts programme at Tokyo University of the Arts. In the aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, she was asked to do volunteer work. This led her to start collaborating with painter and writer SEO Natsumi 瀬尾夏美 on films and projects showcasing people’s lives and the scenery in Tohoku after Japan’s infamous Triple Disaster.

2020 – Double Layered Town/Making a Song to Replace Our Positions 二重のまち / 交代地のうたを編む
2018 – Listening To The Air 空に聞く
2016 – Trace of Breath 息の跡

SEO Natsumi 瀬尾夏美 is a painter and writer. She graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, where she completed a Master’s degree in oil painting. She is the author of the book Awai Yukukoro – Rikuzentakata, Living After the Earthquake (2019), on the same subject as her debut feature Double Layered Town/Making a Song to Replace Our Positions, which she co-directed with KOMORI Haruka.