Anshul CHAUHAN アンシュル・チョウハン

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Two exes reunite after seven years to fight the release from prison of their daughter’s murderer. They’re forced to confront difficult questions of punishment and redemption while their grief threatens to consume them again. At the same time, the young murderer struggles with whether she should be allowed another chance at freedom and life. A gripping, humanistic and psychologically nuanced courtroom drama with social commentary, compelling characters and excellent cinematography and staging.

Twee exen komen na zeven jaar weer samen om de vervroegde vrijlating van de moordenares van hun dochter te voorkomen. Daardoor worden ze geconfronteerd met moeilijke kwesties als straf, verlossing en vergeving, terwijl hun verdriet weer de kop opsteekt. Tegelijk worstelt de jonge moordenares met de vraag of ze wel nog een tweede kans verdient op vrijheid en leven. Een aangrijpend, humanistisch en psychologisch genuanceerd rechtbankdrama met sociaal commentaar, boeiende personages en uitmuntend camerawerk en enscenering.

Anshul CHAUHAN アンシュル・チョウハン was born in north India. After attending military academy and graduating from university with an arts degree, he soon found work as an animator. In 2011, he relocated to Tokyo where he eventually found himself working on many projects, including the Pacman animated series and the game Final Fantasy 15. Subsequently, CHAUHAN pursued his personal passion as a director and set up the independent studio Kowatanda Films.

2022 – December 赦し
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