Between Us
OKUAKI Yasuo 奥秋泰男
Ai ni hibike


Tamaki seems to live the perfect life, but she is unable to talk about her problems. Her classmate Maria has literally lost the ability to speak. These two high school girls connect to each other when Tamaki hears Maria play the traditional taiko drum. Together, they learn to express their feelings musically. Let the beat of the drums draw you into this coming-of-age story about the healing power of music.

Tamaki lijkt een perfect leven te leiden, maar verbergt problemen waar ze niemand over kan vertellen. Haar klasgenoot Maria kan na een ongeluk letterlijk niet meer praten. Deze twee meiden vinden elkaar wanneer Tamaki op school het geluid van Maria’s taiko hoort, een traditionele Japanse trommel. Samen leren ze zich op een muzikale manier te uiten. Een aanstekelijk coming-of-age verhaal over de helende kracht van muziek.

The Film Brunch at 11:00 on Sunday 26 September includes the 12:30 screening of Between Us. The ticket price of 19,50 includes brunch and film.

OKUAKI Yasuo 奥秋泰男 began directing promotional videos, music clips, and commercials, before eventually moving into film. In 2015, he made his feature film debut with Kagurame. The feature was screened at the 39th Montreal World Film Festival. Between Us is his second feature film.

2015 – Kagurame かぐらめ