Bad Lands
HARADA Masato 原田眞人
Baddo ranzu

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Slickly directed thriller about a woman and her younger brother, who are conning their way through life. One day, they make a big score, but now they are also on the radar of several different adversaries including the cops. Heir to the many 90s crime comedies that followed in the wake of Pulp Fiction, this frantically paced crime thriller focuses on both the plights of the main protagonists and their many enemies.

Gepolijste thriller over een jonge vrouw en haar broertje, die hun brood verdienen met oplichterij. Wanneer ze een grote klus klaren blijken ze slapende honden wakker gemaakt te hebben, inclusief de politie. Deze energieke misdaadthriller focust op zowel de hoofdpersonen als hun vele vijanden, wat de film een stijlgenoot maakt van de vele misdaadfilms die in de jaren negentig volgden op het succes van Pulp Fiction.

HARADA Masato 原田眞人 was born in Shizuoka a few years after the war. A prolific filmmaker, he cites Akira Kurosawa and Howard Hawks as his inspirations. His directorial debut came in 1979 with Farewell, My Movie Buddy: Indian Summer. He received second prize and Best Director Award at the 1995 Valenciennes International Festival of Action and Adventure Films for KAMIKAZE TAXI. In 2017, he won the Japan Academy Award for Best Director for Sekigahara, which was also nominated for Best Picture. As an actor, he is also known for supporting roles in The Last Samurai and Fearless. Below is a small selection of his filmography as a director.

2023 – Bad Lands バッド・ランズ
2018 – Killing for the Prosecution 検察側の罪人
2017 – Sekigahara 関ヶ原
2015 – The Emperor in August 日本のいちばん長い日
2002 – The Choice of Hercules 突入せよ!『あさま山荘』事件
1995 – KAMIKAZE TAXI インターナショナル・バージョン
1979 – Farewell, My Movie Buddy: Indian Summer さらば映画の友よ インディアンサマー