Baby Assassins 2 Babies
SAKAMOTO Yugo 阪元裕吾
ベイビーわるきゅーれ 2ベイビー
Beibī warukyūre 2 beibī

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Teenage assassins Chisato and Mahiro are back! But the girls have to give up their lucrative killing work because they’ve broken the rules of their agency. While job hunting, they’re being pursued by another duo of professional killers. But Chisato and Mahiro are officially retired, so can they stop their pursuers? The sequel to Baby Assassins goes harder, faster and stronger with even better action scenes and it is just as much fun.

De tienerhuurmoordenaars Chisato en Mahiro zijn terug! Maar de meiden moeten hun lucratieve moordwerk opgeven, omdat ze zich niet aan de regels van hun bureau hebben gehouden. Op zoek naar een nieuwe baan worden ze achtervolgd door een ander duo huurmoordenaars. Kunnen ze hun afstoppen, terwijl ze officieel met pensioen zijn? Het vervolg op Baby Assassins is harder, sneller en steviger, met nóg betere actiescènes.

SAKAMOTO Yugo 阪元裕吾 made his debut at the age of twenty with the romantic murder film Bae. He followed this up with Hangman’s Knot, which won the awards for Best New Director and Best Actor at the 2017 Kanazawa Film Festival. His first award outside Japan came with Pan, a black comedy. Family Wars, his first commercial film, owed its success to a great deal of controversy on social media. Baby Assassins was a huge hit in Japan and is attracting attention around the world.

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