Animation Shorts

Rabbit’s Blood by NIHEI Sarina, 2017

A selection of contemporary artistic and experimental short animation films, directed by both exciting newcomers and experienced veterans. The selected films differ greatly in style and substance, and offer you a chance to discover what the future of Japanese anime has in store.

Een selectie van hedendaagse artistieke en experimentele korte animatiefilms, geregisseerd door zowel getalenteerde nieuwkomers als ervaren veteranen. De geselecteerde films variëren sterk in stijl en inhoud, en bieden de kijker de kans om te ontdekken wat de toekomst van de Japanse animatie in petto heeft.

  • Jigoku metamoru by KAGEYAMA Sawako, 2017
  • Ano Neno Kabocha: Japanese Word Games by SATO Miyo, 2018, Eng. sub
  • ZA/ZA by HAYASHI Sayaka, 2017
  • The Entertainer by TAKEUCHI Taijin, 2018
  • had lived by SATO Yuka, 2018
  • A Snowflake into the Night by YUKI Yoko, 2018, Eng. sub
  • Nishi iru Higashi iru (go west, go east) by YONESHO Maya, 2008
  • The state of Things by ORIKASA Ryo, 2017, Eng. sub
  • A girl held between the trees since birth by YAMANAKA Chihiro, 2017
  • Quest of the Battling Gods by TANI Yosuke, 2018, Eng. sub
  • Rabbit’s Blood by NIHEI Sarina, 2017
  • CYCLOID by KUROGI Tomoki, 2013
  • My Little Goat by MISATO Tomoki, 2018
  • Letters from Hibakusha “My balsam grandpa” by SHIRAISHI Keiko, 2017
  • DREAMLAND by MIZUE Mirai, 2017

Curated by MURAKAMI Hiromitsu.