A Straightforward Boy
OZU Yasujiro 内山拓也
Tokkan kozō

Black & white

A boy is kidnapped, but the mischievous kid proves to be far more trouble to the kidnappers than he’s worth. Gem of a silent comedy by none other than OZU Yasujiro. For decades it seemed entirely lost, until thirteen minutes of footage surfaced in 1988. Now ten more minutes, never seen before, have been found, and the entire 23 minutes have been digitally restored. Accompanied with live experimental improvisation by the Rotterdam Kinematic Ensemble.

Screening with Ghost Stories: Fox and Tanuki. Total screening time is 59 minutes.

Een kleine jongen wordt ontvoerd, maar het ondeugende joch blijkt de ontvoerders al snel meer problemen op te leveren dan hij waard is. Een heerlijke stille komedie van niemand minder dan OZU. Decennialang werd de film volledig verloren gewaand, totdat er 13 minuten van werden gevonden. Nu zijn er nog 10 nog nooit eerder vertoonde minuten gevonden, en de volledige 23 minuten zijn digitaal gerestaureerd. Met muzikale begeleiding van het Rotterdam Kinematic Ensemble, dat live experimenteel zal improviseren.

OZU Yasujiro 小津安二郎 is one of the foremost—and most beloved—directors of Japanese cinema of all time. Although he started out making comedies in the silent era, he is considered one of the four great directors of post-war Japan. The other three being KUROSAWA Akira, MIZOGUCHI Kenji, and NARUSE Mikio. His 1953 film Tokyo Story has often been hailed as the best film of all time. His gentle family dramas and comedies, and his distinct style have influenced scores of filmmakers worldwide.

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