About the Festival

CAMERA JAPAN is a Japanese cultural festival organised in Rotterdam every year since 2006. The main focus is on film, but we also explore the visual arts, music, dance, fashion, architecture, food, and much more. Every autumn, we take a selection of films from the programme to Amsterdam for a weekend of screening the best, the weirdest, and the most unexpected cinema from Japan.

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Contact information

Stichting Tamago
Rochussenstraat 5 A
3015 EA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Email info@camerajapan.nl

The board

Alexander MOURET – Chairman of the Board
INOUE Fumiko – Board Member
Hans KUIJPERS – Board Member


Alex OOST – Festival Director | Founder CAMERA JAPAN
Dirk ZSCHUNKE – Programmer | Founder CAMERA JAPAN
KISHIBE Yasuo – Creative Director | Founder CAMERA JAPAN

VACANCY – Finance Director
Jelle SCHOT – Head of PR & Marketing, Programmer

Sietz VAN DER AA – Programmer
Francesca BOI – Programmer
Theodoor STEEN – Programmer
Lotte STEERNEMAN – Programmer

Sietz VAN DER AA – Press Officer
Floor VAN DER ZEE – Social Media Officer
Kaj VAN ZOELEN – Editor-in-Chief

Lis-Britt DALKARL – Website & Newsletter Editor
Menno LUITJES – Website Development

Sera EDGINGTON – Decorations Coordinator
Noaemi HORBACH – Kids’ Day
Yulia KOSTIUCHOK – Production Manager
Man-Yee MOK – Decoration
Théotime PELSY – Events Coordinator

Francesca BOI – Guest Coordinator
Nancy FORNOVILLE – Volunteer Coordinator
Lotte STEERNEMAN – Education Coordinator

Gijs KLOMP – Print Coordination
Jarrod KROSENDIJK – Film Digitalisation

KISHIBE Yasuo – Graphic Designer
Dirk ZSCHUNKE – Graphic Designer

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