At the Terrace

At a party during a quiet summer night, several guests gather on the terrace of a luxurious mansion. A humorous conversation about the elegant white arms of Haruko sets off a series of heated discussions, in which all the guests manage to offend one another. A witty and superbly acted ensemble piece, based on a […]

Pop-Up Market

Looking for some delicious Japanese sweets? Want to sample some sushi from our sushi chef? Or perhaps some scrumptious cakes and tea?  Buy some sake or beer to enjoy at home?  Our market has it all. And don’t forget to check out our merchandising booth, and get your own CAMERA JAPAN t-shirt! Op zoek naar […]

Exhibition: A Bird’s Eye View of Kyushu

This Japanese prints exhibition zooms in and out of the island of Kyushu – the theme of this year’s CAMERA JAPAN Festival. From the legends on the surrounding seas to the imagined appearances of Dutch traders on Deshima in Nagasaki and the historical rebellion battles by the Satsuma domain, landscapes of the island – natural […]

Hello, Goodbye

When the lonely Aoi tries to steal something from a classmate’s purse out of revenge for slight bullying, she finds out her classmate is pregnant. The confrontation that ensues unexpectedly leads the duo to an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s, who asks the girls to help her solve a mystery. Heartwarming dramedy about friendship and loyalty […]

Going the Distance

Asahi and Kaori are happily engaged, but when a childhood friend from Asahi turns to him for help he is forced to choose between the boy he grew up with in an orphanage and the woman he loves. In this dramedy from first-time director HARUMOTO Yujiro, three equally likable characters have to learn the hard […]

The Long Excuse

An arrogant and unfaithful husband loses his wife in a bus accident. Being more concerned with his public image as a popular novelist he decides to fake his grief. But then he meets the family of his wife’s best friend, who also died in the crash: they form a bond and slowly he starts to […]

Love and Other Cults

From cult director UCHIDA Eiji comes a new, quirky drama about the disturbing life of Ai, a teenage girl who spent her childhood in a weird cult. Now freed from the past, she tries to reconnect with both herself and society, but her troubled life continues to haunt her. Will she be able to find […]

Seto & Utsumi

High school buddies Seto and Utsumi spend their days hanging out by a dry riverbed in Osaka, chatting about girls, cram school and their annoying parents. Not much more happens in this low budget comedy, but thanks to a wonderful script and two of the finest young actors working in Japan today, Setoutsumi still manages […]


Two years after a gruesome bus hijacking, the three remaining survivors come together to try and cope with the traumatizing memories. Among them is bus driver Makoto, whose life takes an even darker turn when several dead bodies appear and he is treated as the main suspect. A deeply moving, slow-burning drama set in the […]