Introducing Edo, our new Head of Marketing and PR

CAMERA JAPAN is pleased to welcome Edo Anceaux, our new Head of Marketing and PR. Edo brings a wealth of experience from his work in the cultural and entertainment sector. He will work closely with Alex Oost, the Festival Director, and Lisa Klompe, the Managing Director, to help us grow and promote the festival.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Edo to CAMERA JAPAN. His passion for PR and marketing combined with a love for Japanese culture is a perfect fit with the festival. We are sure that he will be a breath of fresh air.”

The full press release is available here (Dutch only).

A message from Edo:

Welcome, everyone, to the world of Edo Anceaux – an enthusiast of PR & Marketing and all things cultural! Picture a guy with a deep love for sushi and a soft spot for anime and Pokémon. Yes, that’s Edo. He’s not just about promoting culture; he genuinely lives and breathes it, finding joy in the simple pleasures of discovery and connection between people from all over the world.

Legend has it that young Edo stumbled upon the historical connection between his name and Tokyo (formerly Edo), sparking a lifelong fascination with Japanese culture. Now based in Rotterdam with his partner, Edo brings a wealth of experience from promoting children’s entertainment with Van Hoorne Studios in the Netherlands. His talent lies in crafting campaigns that deeply resonate with their audience, turning imaginative ideas into captivating realities.

Now, imagine Edo at CAMERA JAPAN festival—his eyes sparkling with excitement, dreaming up ways to bridge communities through the magic of film, art, and perhaps a touch of cosplay.
Whether you’re an art aficionado or simply enjoy a good bento box, Edo is your guide to a world where every day feels like a cultural celebration. So, buckle up and join Edo on this exciting journey of discovery and connection.