Feel the festival vibe!

We’re trilled to present the animated leader for CAMERA JAPAN 2022 created by Erik VOS. Inspired by a neighbourhood festival in Osaka where the artist’s mother grew up, the leader definitely catches the festival vibe that inspires CAMERA JAPAN.

Erik VOS is an artist and animator who uses both painted and computer-manipulated images. Regular CAMERA JAPAN visitors may remember his graduation work, Gaijin Sashimi, which screened at the festival in 2019.

Gaijin Sashimi is a joyous short film about the meeting of two cultures—a Dutch ‘jongen’ and a Japanese sushi shokunin—over the art of slicing fish. It turns out both cultures can learn from each other.

The son of a Dutch father and Japanese mother, VOS knows a thing or two about the meeting of cultures. Interviewed for VPRO in 2019 when he was nominated for the NFF Pathé Tuschinski Film Award for new talent, he described himself as a fusion-person. Born and raised in the Netherlands, he feels mostly Dutch, but his parents have also given him a Japanese cultural toolbox.

We look forward to seeing what he does with these tools in the future.

Erik VOS website