ON-GAKU tops the Audience Award rankings after Rotterdam

On-Gaku: Our Sound leads the Audience Award rankings after four days of CAMERA JAPAN in Rotterdam. A dryly comical, minimalistic animation from IWAISAWA Kenji about three good-for-nothings who decide to form a band. Impressively, the director also handled most of the animation himself.

Top 10

1. ON-GAKU: Our Sound
2. Romance Doll
3. Voices in the Wind
4. Talking the Pictures
5. Not Quite Dead Yet
6. One Summer Story
7. his
8. Mother
9. i – Documentary of the Journalist
10. Haruka’s Pottery

With the exception of i – Documentary of the Journalist, all of these films will also play at LAB111 in Amsterdam (1 – 4 October).
We will announce the final results after CAMERA JAPAN Amsterdam!