CAMERA JAPAN goes to …. Italy!

In an exciting new development, CAMERA JAPAN is pleased to be involved in the Erasmus+ Programme. We have joined forces with the Five Flavours Film Festival (Poland), Helsinki Cine Aasia (Finland), and the Udine Far East Film Festival (Italy) to launch a unique exchange programme, which offers volunteers from participating festivals the opportunity to join another festival team to learn more about what it takes to organize and execute a successful Asian film festival.

Sietz van der Aa, programmer and press officer at CAMERA JAPAN, has just filed his first report from Udine. We look forward to hearing more from him over the coming weeks.

The Udine Far East Film Festival (FEFF) is one of the biggest pan-Asian film festivals in Europe. Going strong at twenty, the typical FEFF programme includes dozens of feature films, hundreds of international guests, and its own project market. This is also where the Erasmus+ Programme has been rolled out for the the very first time. Two lucky film enthusiasts, yours truly included, were picked to join the passionate and welcoming FEFF team for two months this spring.

At CAMERA JAPAN, I am both press officer and programmer, but here in Udine I assist the industry programme full-time. I mainly help out with the FOCUS ASIA – All Genres Project Market for film industry professionals where I am learning the tricks of the trade at the flourishing industry side of the festival. It is quite a task to ensure a pleasant and fruitful market experience for more than a hundred film professionals, but this is exactly what we aim to do.

As a programmer I have visited film markets to check out upcoming films and to network with distributors and filmmakers, but I was oblivious to how much work is entailed. Although I am only two weeks into the programme, I already have a brand new understanding of the logistics behind an event of this scale. I look forward to seeing the festival take shape over the next six weeks in the final run-up to the 21st Udine Far East Film Festival.