Come Join the Fun! – Volunteer call

We have had many great responses to our last volunteer call! Excited to work with everyone to make Camera Japan Festival 2017 a great success! We are still looking for some help, would you like to join the fun? Love Japanese culture, film, festivals, food? Join our team as a volunteer!

  • Photographers
  • Flyering
  • Runners & Hosts
  • Food preparation & Izakaya
  • Decoration & Build-up/down
  • Kids Day


The CAMERA JAPAN TEAM is looking for photographers who can help us capture all the action at the festival! If you are interested in joining our team of photographers, please send an email to for more information.


Do you know your way around the lovely and lively city streets of Rotterdam or Amsterdam? Do you enjoy interacting with your local shops and businesses?

Volunteers are needed to help us distribute CAMERA JAPAN flyers and posters at different locations (businesses and organizations) throughout Rotterdam and Amsterdam! We have a list of places we can provide you and ask for two rounds of flyer distribution before the festival starts.

Let’s spread the word!

Runners/Drivers & Hosts

Are you looking for an excellent opportunity to meet foreign guests of our festival?

We need friendly and sociable people to act as runners and hosts for CAMERA JAPAN Festival! Together with our hosts, runners will transport festival guests to and from the festival venue, their hotels, and the airports. In addition, hosts accompany the guests throughout the festival events and film screenings. Runners will also help us with pickups and drop-offs of the festival products (decorations, art pieces, film, etc.).

For the hosts, proficiency in Japanese is required, as well as an affinity with Japanese culture and customs.

A clean driver’s license is required for the runners. The bonus is plenty of interaction with the festival guests and the festival team members. (And we’re a friendly and diverse bunch.)

Dinner prep & Izakaya

Do you have a love of good food and cooking? Can you usually be found in the kitchen trying to win over the hearts and stomachs of your friends and family?

We would like to invite you to come share the same passion and joy of cooking with our dinner preparation and Izakaya team! We are looking for people who have some experience with food preparation to join our teams in preparing delicious dishes for our team of volunteers and our festival guests.

For the Izakaya we are looking for people who are enthusiastic about Japanese cuisine, and have some experience with food prep to join the preparation of Izakaya dishes and/or serving the dishes to the public.

Decoration & Build-up/down

If you’ve ever wondered how CAMERA JAPAN is able to transform LantarenVenster into a beautiful, colorful hub of Japanese culture every year, and would like to take a peek behind the scenes, then you’re at the right place.

We are looking for some enthusiastic people who like to get busy designing and creating decorative pieces and art installations. Together with our decoration and build-up team you will help make and set up all the decorative and artistic pieces for the venue, before the start of the festival. In addition, we are looking for help with packing it all back up and returning the venue back to its original setting. The perk here is that we end the packing up with our annual celebratory closing drinks.

Come get crafty with us and join our team of decorators and builders!

Kids Day

CAMERA JAPAN has a very special afternoon planned again this year for our youngest visitors!

We are looking for people who are happy to come help us out on Kids Day (Sunday Sept 24). The Kids Day activities include setting up and playing games with the kids that visit our festival, making arts & crafts, assisting with a photoshoot, and watching a film together.

We ask that our helpers speak Dutch (some English is a plus), and have some experience with working/care of young kids.

Come join the fun!