Anime Day Screening on June 26

In cooperation with The Japan Foundation and the Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands, CAMERA JAPAN presents a full day of anime by Studio 4ºC at the Japanese cultural centre Shofukan in Rotterdam on Sunday 26 June.
In cooperation with The Japan Foundation and the Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands, CAMERA JAPAN presents a full day of anime by Studio 4ºC at the Japanese cultural centre Shofukan in Rotterdam on Sunday 26 June.

Tickets are 5 euros for the whole film programme. Doors open at 13:00. The first film starts at 14:00. Refreshments will be available for purchase all day. A Japanese curry dinner will be served at 17:30 (8 euros per person).

Since we have had a lot of interest in this programme, we have decided to introduce a reservation system. To avoid disappointment on the day, please email us at with your name, the number of people, and ticket preference (films only 5 euros, or films + curry dinner 13 euros). We will confirm your reservation by email. On the day, we will hold your tickets until 15 minutes before the start of the first screening at 14:00.

Princess Arete アリーテ姫
(2001/105 minutes). Screening starts at 14:00

Princesses Arete is shut away in a small room at the top of a castle tower where she must stay until the man who will be her bridegroom appears. As Princess Arete looks down from her tower she wonders about the meaning of life. One day, she finds an escape route and sneaks out of the castle. The castle town turns out to be a world of skilled workers creating meaningful objects with their own hands. It seems like magic to her. She has never imagined that people’s hands contained such possibilities and she begins to wonder what possibilities lie in her own hands.

Genius Party
(2007/105 minutes). Screening starts at 16:30

Seven independent episodes directed by seven directors to stimulate your sensibilities.

Genius Party
A world of imagery to stimulate the senses.

Shanghai Dragon
Chinkuro lives in the old town of Shanghai and loves to draw. One day, he finds a mysterious stick-like object, “the notion-materialize system.” Anything he draws with the stick becomes real. The mysterious power of the stick is captivating, but then a giant enemy emerges!

Deathtic 4
A heart-warming comedy that begins with an encounter between Rot and a living frog in the underworld where no “life” is allowed to exist. Rot tries to send the frog back to the living world and they head for “the eye of Uzu Uzu storm,” but then…

Yu arrives home as usual, but when he enters the house, he realizes that something is wrong… The reactions of his mother and sister are completely unexpected. “Did the entrance door just open? But I don’t see anyone.” At that moment, Yu sees “another” self who is already home…

Limit Cycle
Virtual reality in a dark, digital city composed of multiple layers. A man appears trapped in front of a PC. He gets out of the office-prison and encounters a fantastical butterfly. While he chases the butterfly, he comes across another man who looks exactly like himself.

Happy Machine
A toddler is on a peculiar journey by four-wheeled motorcycle. He comes across weird things like a little flame guy, small plants, a strange, flying creature and massive natural phenomena. What does he find at the end of the journey many years later?

Baby Blue
Sho asks Hazuki to skip class and go somewhere outside of the school with him. The childhood friends used to be close, but somehow haven’t been talking recently. They buy handheld fireworks and head for Enoshima, a short exciting trip for the day.

Genius Party Beyond
(2008/90 minutes). Screening starts at 19:00
Five gifted directors collaborate on characteristic short animations. A new chapter in the history of animation.

Mahiro Maeda is known as a genius with an unfettered imagination and profound knowledge of myths and ancient civilizations. A huge object suddenly emerges in the land of gods who organize a feast to stimulate its birth. Maeda vividly describes the mythical tale through the perspective of a boy.

With his fresh visual style and excellent drawing skills, Kazuto Nakazawa attracts attention all over the world. MOONDRIVE is a comical, light and easy film with Nakazawa acting as director, storyboard artist, character designer, animation director, and key animator of all scenes.

Wanwa the Doggy
Shinya Ohira is a skilled animator with a unique style without equal. This film is filled with surprises and creativity that leap beyond the concept of animation.

Toujin Kit
A young girl gives life to stuffed toys by injecting a mysterious life-force called “Tochu.” However, the forbidden game doesn’t last long… A strange world of bewitching appeal and depth from the talented director Tatsuyuki Tanaka.

Dimension Bomb
Shin, a boy wearing a pupa on his head, meets a girl, Kuu. Koji Morimoto is one of the founders of STUDIO4℃ and a genius creator who has won much praise with a number of cutting-edge films.

This programme is made possible with the support of the Japan Foundation and the Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands.

This event is supported by the Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands and the Japan Foundation.