ZHANG (Cola) Yan & UESU Yuko made the leader for the festival inspired by the conTRADITION theme. Make sure you watch it in all its HD glory!


There are also 3 teaser variations of the leader:





More about the creators: 

Zhang Yan (1986) comes from Shanghai, moved to Rotterdam since 2010 for a Master course on Media Design and Communication in Piet Zwart Institute. Yan is young visual artist focuses mainly on short animation, and uses mixed-media technique to combine reality and fantasy within one single image. Her works have been showed in many festivals and galleries. On the other hand, she is very dedicated to cultural exchange activities, participated in many projects with the hope of building a bridge between China and the Netherlands in creative sector

Find out more about her here: oolacola.weebly.com

Music by UESU Yuko http://soundcloud.com/yuko-wes